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Crisis response is difficult. It will affect your nation, your community, your business and your customers, at varying levels and with far-reaching economic and health consequences.

In Crisis Management the rapid resolution of uncertainty is key to limiting immediate effects.

Good planning is essential to speed up recovery time and return to normal operation, so that long-term damage is minimised.

NL Associates aims to be the partner of choice for governments and large businesses planning for and responding to disaster situations.



The terrorism events of 2001 in the United States polarised the way we all think. Suddenly the threat became more real, no longer an esoteric planning exercise carried out behind closed doors. Be ready became the watchwords and get ready fast. Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko was assassinated in 2006 with the radioactive substance Polonium-210, Al-Qaeda terrorists bombed the London underground in July 2007, and a new flu pandemic struck in 2009. Al- Qaeda have declared that they will use CBRN weapons of terrorism.



Natural disasters create their own health hazards and situations; information and risks change rapidly across a longer time frame than terrorist attacks. There will be conflicting messages in the media, and your staff in or near the disaster zone will require support. Good support comes from information and advice provided rapidly and frequently.

NL Associates is at the forefront of work in these areas and can help you to be as prepared as possible and to respond in an appropriate way..