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NL Associates draws upon the vast experience of Professor Lightfoot. He has spent a decade working with the Department of Health, seven years running emergency response in the Health Protection Agency and a lifetime dealing in crisis response from a medical, microbiological and public health perspective. Professor Lightfoot’s role in crisis management was critical in response to the polonium-210 poisoning and Pandemic H1N1 and he was appointed CBE in the 2009 New Year’s Honours List for services to public health.

He knows risk and he knows strategy.

Expert Risk Consultancy
This is NL Associates’ primary service – risk management of the health impacts of CBRN terrorism and natural disasters. Professor Lightfoot currently fulfils this role for the Department of Health in the Global Health Security Initiative.

Independent Medical Advice
Expert interpretation and risk management for your business.

Specific Project Work
The development of strategies to mitigate the health impacts of CBRN terrorism and natural disasters in a specific, focused context. The key is to understand the nature of the hazard and to understand the population exposed and their needs.

Strategy and Implementation
NL Associates develops scenarios and exercises to test plans and strategies for crisis response. Professor Lightfoot created and implemented the first health led exercise for CBRN terrorism event in April 2002 in the aftermath of 9/11.
Professor Lightfoot is currently working on a pandemic scenario for Chatham House, home of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, world-leading institute for the debate and analysis of international issues.

Immediate Crisis Response
At the beginning of crisis there are diverse sources of information – in newspapers, on radio news, on television news channels and online. In the face of uncertainty this torrent of reporting can often lead to panic. What you need is a distillation of the truth, an assessment of the risks and advice on immediate actions appropriate to the sector in which you operate.
NL Associates can provide periodic updates on risk assessment and a risk communication messaging service during any crisis situation having an international impact. These updates can be tailored to your particular business and sector.
NL Associates has recently been producing daily updates and risk assessments on the Japan earthquake and tsunami for a major global grocery chain.

Training Services
NL Associates will design training packages to support the development of effective crisis response tailored to your unique team. This will include planning, response organisation and leadership..