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About NL Associates

NL Associates is a unique consultancy firm specialising in Emergency Response and Preparedness for companies, governments and health providers, in domestic and international settings.

We provide health risk management advice and services in the areas of CBRN terrorism, infectious disease outbreaks and emerging public health threats.

The company delivers expert consultancy, independent medical advice, strategy and implementation, cutting edge exercise planning, immediate crisis response and tailored training programmes.

NL Associates is looking to develop relationships with governments and commercial organisations to develop their capability to appropriately handle and reduce the impact of events, both natural and malicious, which might otherwise disable their ability to function.


Professor Nigel Lightfoot, CBE, is a leading expert on Emergency Response and Preparedness.  In 2010, after seven years as a Director and then Chief Advisor in Emergency Response at the Health Protection Agency, he set up NL Associates in response to a continuing demand for expert advice and guidance in the field of Crisis Management.

Nigel qualified as a doctor in the 1960s, served on submarines in the Navy and went on to specialize in microbiology and public health, becoming Director of the six Public Health Laboratories in the North of England in 1995. He has spent the last two decades working exclusively in Emergency Response and has accumulated an unmatched wealth of experience. NL Associates is the quickest, most direct route to the knowledge he holds.

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