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NLA News Update


Professor Lightfoot has recently taken on the role of Executive Director Designate of a new NGO called CORDS – Connecting Organisations for Regional Disease Surveillance. This is an exciting opportunity and he spent last week in Canada, alongside TDV Global (Ottawa), preparing an implementation strategy for funding submissions to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the SKOLL Global Threats Fund.

CORDS has been created with a unique vision – to create a world-class coordination and support network, linking regional disease surveillance and improving and empowering global capacity to respond to infectious disease. This is a challenging mission for all involved and Nigel Lightfoot Associates will be producing a more detailed insight into CORDS shortly.

The weather in Canada was predictably warm and sunny, and Professor Lightfoot particularly enjoyed his visit to Lake Chandos. He also attended the Global Health Security action group meeting while in Ottawa for the Department of Health (UK), where he is the expert advisor.

Next week he will be travelling to Palma to the European Food Safety Agency, where he will take part in a meeting on Emerging Food Threats and present on the Early Alerting and Reporting Project.